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Here to help you simplify while implement healthy living practices in your home, workspace and life. Purge. Organize. Design. Thrive. 



My name is Ariela Schreibeis. I started Clean Clarity in 2015 because I saw a shift in people’s priorities concerning health and wellbeing. I noticed those around me itching to simplify their lives, understanding the first step to that was having a healthy, efficient and beautiful space to reside in. The problem was, they were too busy to make the changes and/or didn’t know where to start or have the proper information to do so effectively.

A little bit about me. . . When I was playing Division 1 soccer in college I developed multiple health issues because of the stress that I was putting on my body physically, mentally and emotionally. Midway through, a doctor told me I was making my way toward esophagus cancer, all due to stress. It was then that I realized it was time to stop and reassess my priorities. Health, and not just physical health but mental and emotional health, needed to rise to the top of the list. I learned about the critical role that our built environment and experience with our surroundings plays on our health and wellbeing as humans. It became evident how powerful design can be, and with the rights changes, how a healthy, organized and comfortable space can be created for the occupant to thrive. The built environment has power on our health in all ways, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The knowledge gained through education, making changes for myself, working with clients, and a continued curiosity has inspired me to create this company that exists to help you.

- Ariela

What we do

Our passion is health, specifically, how to create a space and lifestyle that supports you and your family’s well being.

What are changes someone can make to lower their exposure to common toxins found in homes? What heating method makes a space most comfortable and most energy efficient? What flooring is CARB II and Greenguard compliant that will increase my property value while staying within my budget? What is my air and water quality? Do I have mold? How do I properly fix it? I want to update my space but don’t know where to start. I’m doing a renovation and need someone to be my representative. My space is cluttered and I need help purging and organizing. These are just some of the questions and comments we have helped clients answer and address.

Years of project management in the production and interior design world has brought us here, to realizing how many people are looking for help to optimize their space and simplify their lives. Whether you are moving in to a new home, renovating a space, looking to make changes in an existing space on a small budget, want help managing day-to-day, Clean Clarity is here to help.

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